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Welcome to Siteseroo! My name is Faith, aka “Winnie Roo”, admin of this site.
I’m a digital marketer, blogger, and siteflipper. I like to create WordPress website blogs and yes, even sell them. Yes, this website blog is uniquely designed by me, from its layout to its branding colors and content.

If you are interested in any of these things, then connect with me on this amazing journey for more blessings, to #WINWIN for more success this year and beyond.

This siteseroo site is my base of operations in the online space as I learn to create and sell niche sites and blogs with website flipping. And along the way, also create and sell some of my best starter site templates and other related digital guides for bloggers, and online small business solopreneurs that blog and sell their own products too. And whenever possible, I will also “blog the journey” too.

This blog went live on February 04, 2024 or 2-4-24. Yay!

Let’s see how much is accomplished each year on this date!

Building an online business with blogging and or selling digital products and maintaining it so that it continues to thrive and profit comes with a lot of challenges.

It is not for the faint of heart.

And yes, it takes WORK and a Success Plan. We work to learn and apply our skills whether it has to do with setting up the website or blog, or creating content/products and marketing them successfully.

Converting that content and digital products into sales and income is another thing altogether. And succeeding for the long term takes dedication and maintenance in dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in order to see consistent profitable results.

Yes, succeeding online with your own blog website is not an easy thing to do especially if you are not tech savvy or new to blogging and running an business online.

BUT, despite the overwhelming statistics of new blogs that fail, there are successes! Oh yay! Smart blogging and doing it the right way that fits your style, temperament, and budget is doable and it can result in amazing results.

My main objective is to claim a spot in that winning group and I hope you can join me and do just that for yourself as well.

Yes, we can! We can succeed with our online business! We can launch our own small businesses as solopreneurs that learn and grow and succeed.

This Siteseroo blog is my online base where stuff happens. It is a work in progress. I’ll test, blog, and sell digital products, starter website kits, and even fully created sites with a domain name too… in order to hit that BULLSEYE of a success target.

My strategy is simple. “Just “ROO It”!
ROO is for Re-Optimize Optimum – your site and or online store at every level and it can begin with your base of operations, your business website and site blog.

Just ROO it quote by Winnie Roo from Siteseroo website

And this is where I come in. Helping you in that beginning phase of choosing and using which WordPress theme to use, how to brand it best and launch easily and quickly for its greatest long term benefits.

And “Roo” do what, you ask again?

We can certainly hit that target and join the ranks of profitable bloggers and online business owners when we continue to consistently optimize our choices, our habits, our skills, our tools, our tasks, our website, our content/product creation, our marketing, our designs et al for long term profits and success.

I know that this is a lot to digest and it seems overwhelming. And we can do it and do it best by eating the mighty “elephant” in small bits and pieces. Yes, we learn as we take action and grow by doing small things well regularly to jumpstart success and keep it going for as long as possible.

So what do you do or where do you start if you want to join this group of blogging winners, these online entrepreneurs, that have made it?

You can start from where you are. Make it simple and just push for one improvement, one step forward, one task done each day. And yes, the target goal will indeed become clearer and much closer for sure if you keep it up.

If this sounds interesting, then take a leap of faith and start your amazing journey with us.

COMING SOON: WordPress starter sites, site kits, and related digital products.

What is Siteseroo?

SITES: The shortened version from the term “website” that first appeared in the English language in 1994. It is “Web” (of the internet kind) plus “Site”.

They are virtual interlinking pages of content under a single domain.
Synonyms or related keywords:
Websites: sites on the world wide web, WWW, blogs, online virtual property
, online real estate.

EROO: A suffix that means related to or familiar to something. In this case: of or related to or familiar to “Sites”.

Have you heard of the word, “SwitchEROO?”
Same o, same o.

Yes, the name Siteseroo is word play at being cute and right that refers to or is about something connected to, and in this case, “websites” or sites.

And in the overall overview is specifically in relation to a website or blog property to be at its best so it can be created, kept or sold at its most profitable best value possible.

More will be coming soon indeed, so please bookmark this site blog and visit us regularly.

Thank you and take care of yourself and your business well.

For our WIN WIN success,
+Faith, aka “Winnie Roo” @Siteseroo

P.S: Please join us online and connect with many small online business owners, bloggers and internet marketers worldwide.

Commit to a year of dedicated work and see where it leads you. You will be wowed and surprised indeed!-Winnie Roo

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Oreo Kitty Cat, member of Siteseroo Team