Five Leaps Forward To Blogging Journey Success

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It is the end of February and a leap year at that. Definitely a great time to create, plan for and take action by leaping forward to blogging journey success with grand goals for this year and beyond.

What goes into successful goals and how do you leap forward?

If I know this and do it, I can definitely boost my productivity towards actionable results that can be tweaked and rinsed to get better and greater conversion.

Here are some ideas.

I’m working towards continual and consistent positive goals to attain positive results, so I hope you can join me on this journey too.

Hint: You must include any or all of the elements to get better results.

Allow me a minute to share some of what I’m working on below.

  • These tips allow you to create goals and plans that are clear, attainable and meaningful.
  • Clarity in what you are doing will give you more motivation and a more targeted focus to help push you forward to reach your end goals.

1Have clear defined goals and project tasks for their accomplishment in a timely manner.

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Everyone has heard of and somewhat know about and even practice to some degree SMART GOALS.

Specific: Name your goals, list them. One is enough.

Measurable: Goals can be tracked and measured.

Achievable: Goals are realistic and practical to your circumstances and resources.

Relevant: Goals are suited and match your objectives and main end goal.

Time-Based: Goals has a deadline or due date for completion.

Create meaningful and purposeful goals that align with your end goal objectives for the year. This benefits you in many ways and become your base foundation on what to do and where to go to.

Start your successful and profitable blogging journey on the right path with smart goals.

2. Define the time-frame for achieving the result/s.

Have a well defined road map and knowing when it is expected to be completed will ensure greater work towards its achievement.

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I’ve been rather bad at this. And never hitting my due dates. I realize more and more that one of the reasons for failing to meet the deadline is that I never follow the plan.

No more.

Consistent focused tasking is the order of the year.

And so far, I’m keeping up with the project plan that are well aligned to my business goals.

I still have a lot to do and it is all good. It is all going up and up and I’m grateful and excited to keep moving forward towards success.

Ex: Launching the first offer on this date. Extra Divi Elegant Theme Super Steal Offer is coming up soon!

3. Increased effort for increased results or Decreased effort for inferior results with templates and kits.

Now this is where your action or lack of it or substandard version of it will determine how good or how fast you can reach your objectives.

And it can be a glorious ride or a minimal okay going with the flow or simply just hitting the wall day in day out with little forward movement.

Hint: If you created your #1 and #2 well, you shouldn’t be hitting that much obstacles. Re-visit one and two steps if you need to.

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You can get immense support with a positive network from others whether it is those closest to you or with online friends in the same or related online business as yourself.

Hit the road, get cracking with your work and just keep moving forward! Just ROO it!

Ex: Done for you or DFY templates, starter kits, plr and even AI tools can and do help you get a jumpstart on your activities.

4. Track your progress and share if you can to increase your perceived accomplishments and expectations of success.

a. Use a tracker activities log, life or business planner with your goals on it and do journaling and keep notes.

Small steps lead to progress text

b. Use online time tracking tools for a focused working time space.
*Pomodoro online trackers:
Focus To-Do with Pomodoro Timer + Task Management

c. Network and connect with online friends to further track your movement.
-If possible share and be accountable with your goals and progress on FB groups and forums.

Tracking your journey, your ups and downs accordingly will go a long way to increase your efforts and allow for greater evaluation to get the right solutions and maintain consistent positive results.
Ever since I started to keep main daily, weekly and monthly notes, has my productivity shot up. I can better track and see my activity progress easily. No matter the way you track it, it will help you indeed!

Ex: Using a Revenue and Expense Spreadsheet to track business income and expenses.

5. Create and plan for rewards and bonuses to celebrate milestones.

Working endlessly without a time out or break can be the sure death of any business or life.

Take time out, at least once a day each week or schedule in between breaks to relax and do something different that rewards you for your effort.

Celebrate each wins with a smile and a pat on your shoulder, even if no one notices.

You do. You matter. You can do it and are doing it.

You win first by acknowledging first your successes and wins no matter how small! And sometimes and often times, that is all that matters.

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Ex: Create a vision and goal board with rewards. On paper or on the wall, on your desktop, on your cell mobile phone or online. Look at it daily. And work for it!

These are just some of the things that I’m doing to help me set up and track my online work to improve the operation of my online business and leap forward into success.

Yes, it is an up and down challenge, but once the routine is set and match, it can be a rocket fast glide upwards.

Let’s make it count.

One day, one step, one act and one forward movement is all takes.

If you find this helpful, share your comments below. And connect with Siteseroo on her blogging journey. I’m always looking for new friends and accountability biz buddies to win win success, so do connect here or on socials!

Your leaping to success friend,
Winnie Roo

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